Ballistocardiography, Breathing and movement analytics in sleep


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Emfit QS gives you a detailed description of your sleep quality, stress level, and progression of recovery. With this data you can make well educated choices for daily workouts, meetings and other important events.

Sleep is paramount to peak performance – both physical and mental

It is essential to get enough sleep, but sleep should also be structured properly and contain enough REM sleep for the recovery of the mind, and DEEP sleep for the recovery of the body. Emfit QS records total amount and structure of sleep, the percentages of recuperating REM and DEEP sleep.

It also records heart rate, respiration rate, and activity during the entire night. Overall, it enables you to find sleep affecting patterns and improve them. Results of training or lifestyle changes can be studied with the long term trends feature.



How Emfit QS Works?

There's no need to wear a straining chest strap or wrist band, and no need to turn equipment on and off. Just lay down on your bed, sleep tight and check your bed-time data in the morning from your smartphone, tablet or computer.