Your heart shows your recovery and readiness

Tracking Heart-Rate-Variability throughout the night will give you a detailed picture of progression of your recovery during the night. The Evening RMSSD value shows accumulated load over the day, and Morning RMSSD provides recovery status and readiness for a new day.
RMSSD data allows you to optimize your training schedule according to actual body requirements, helping you avoid overtraining and giving you a peak performance at the office too.

Long-term evaluation of HRV will determine how effectively your exercise or lifestyle changes are affecting your wellness.

How it works - Emfit QS
How it works - Emfit QS
The device - Emfit QS

Emfit QS uses either Wi-Fi or Cellular Mobile Data (3G). Available in black and white.

Science of Heart-Rate- Variability during sleep

HRV, and to be more exact, so called RMSSD value, can be used to monitor both daily training load, and nocturnal recovery. Heavy training lowers the RMSSD value, and recovery raises it. If the evening value is low, you know that training day was effective. If the morning value is high, you are fully recovered and ready for another heavy exercise. In this sense, our RMSSD graph can be used to optimize both the training schedule and load.

Emfit QS software - macbook

Important data
and features


Sleep Tracker with All Three Sleep Classes


Emfit QS sleep tracker can tell you how much light, deep, and REM sleep you get each night. Sleep is the time when your body gets ready for the day ahead, and when we talk about sleep quality, it’s REM and deep sleep that get all the attention.

Deep sleep is the time when your body recovers. When the cells repair themselves and your body gets ready for all the physical challenges of a new day.

REM sleep is when your mind recovers, making sure that all the important things you learned, saw, and experienced during the day are stored in a safe place.

What about light sleep? Well, that’s just a lighter stage of sleep that doesn’t do much for you – it’s just there.


Movement activity


Emfit QS sleep tracker can tell how restless your sleep is. One of our users, Sky Christopherson, World Record holder and founder of OAthlete, uses movement data as an indicator of how hard his athletes’ workouts are; the more restless the sleep, the harder the pre­vious workout has been for the athlete’s body and the lighter the next workout should be.


Heart and breathing rates


Emfit QS measures your heart and breathing rates and uses this data along with movement activity data to calculate the sleep classes.

It also measures resting heart rate, which tells about general health. For example, a couple days before getting actual flue symptoms, your resting heart rate will usually rise, letting you know you might want to prepare for some not-so-dashing days ahead. Resting heart rate may also be used for example as a mild indicator of stress or overtraining.


Autonomic Nervous System Balance


Knowing the balance of the autonomic nervous system is important, because it controls and regulates all the functions necessary to maintain life. Fight or flight? Rest or digest? This is known as the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and the balance can be affected by exercise load, for example.


Long term trends up to 360 days


Long term trends help you recognize and notice sleep affecting lifestyle patterns, making it easier for you to alter your lifestyle into a healthier direction.


Visually compelling UI

Emfit QS user interface is visually compelling, the information is provided with simple graphics and vivid colors.


Wi-Fi or Cellular/Mobile Data Connectivity

Emfit QS has embedded Wi-Fi or cellular mobile data connectivity. The transceiver component is connected by a long, durable cable and is placed far from your bed to avoid disturbing your sleep. Emfit QS electronics include its own pro­cessor and memory for totally autono­mous operation - no need to worry about charging your phone battery during the night or having the right app for the operation! When you go to sleep Emfit QS automatically starts measur­ing and will be available for deep insight after you leave the bed in the morning


Super Sensitive Under Mattress Sensor

Just as a cool bonus and thanks to our own proprietary sensor technology, Em­fit QS is placed discreetly under the mattress so you won’t even notice it’s there. The sensor is comprised of self-biased electro-active material and does not generate any capacitive field that might disturb your sleep. Under-mattress placement also ensures Emfit QS will last for years to come without having to regularly replace it.



Teemu Lemmettylä

“Emfit QS allows me to optimize my training potential by providing a baseline HRV, enabling me to control and manage the ideal balance between training and rest.”  

Teemu Lemmettylä
Professional Triathlete


Jesse Kaislavuo

I have been using Emfit QS for about a month now and I have only positive feedback. I have stopped my morning HRV measurements with Polar, because Emfit QS is so incredibly accurate and all-night data is something other devices can't offer this well.

I want to praise your whole team especially for the web app user interface. It is uncluttered and studying and comparing the data is easy. The latest update corrected a minor problem, which was caused by me and my wive's different sleeping patterns. Now editing data can be done easily even at breakfast table and thus my data remains correct.

Jesse Kaislavuo
Elite cyclist
1st in Fellman Criterium race (2016)
1st in Rosendahl GP (2015)
1st in S.K. Memorial (2016)


Sky Cristopherson

“Working with Olympic athletes, we use ‘Data not Drugs’ to boost every aspect of athlete health and performance. Since sleep is foundational to health and performance, it is a focal point of our program and we have used every sensor on the market.

Emfit is creating new capabilities in understanding sleep both with the goal of improving it, but also using it to better inform training decisions as we moved towards truly individualized training.

The ease of use and accuracy of Emfit is also unprecedented. As a result, Emfit is now an integral part of our ‘Data not Drugs’ program as we build a future that uses more data and less drugs, in sport, and hopefully in health.”  

Sky Christopherson
World Record Holder and Founder,


Paul Ambrose

Three-time Ironman® Champion, Paul Ambrose, relies on Emfit QS recovery, stress and sleep quality monitor to track changes in his HRV after each training day. Being able to analyze this important data helps him prepare for each race.

Paul Ambrose
3 x Ironman® champion


Emfit QS (physical product with web and phone application) is a general wellness product for healthy adults. Information obtained is intended for use in evaluating a healthy individual waking hours activities impact on his or her recovery and sleep quality. In the above mentioned purposes it is not a medical device and is not intended for the diagnosis or monitoring of any disease or to investigate a physiological process.