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Emfit QS gives you a detailed description of your sleep quality and progression of recovery. With this data you can make well educated choices for daily workouts, meetings and other important events.

There’s absolutely nothing to wear and no need to turn equipment on and off. When you go to sleep it automatically starts measuring and in the morning after you leave the bed, the data is available for deep insight from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How it works - Emfit QS
How it works - Emfit QS
Heart rate variability - Emfit QS
Heart rate variability - Emfit QS
  • Relies on ballistocardiography, a technique for sensing the sudden ejection of blood into the great vessels with each heart beat, and breathing movement analysis.
Device under mattress - Emfit QS
  • Own proprietary sensor technology enables ­discreet placement under the mattress.
  • Self-biased electro-active material does not generate any capacitive field that might disturb your sleep.
  • Under-mattress placement ensures longevity without need to regular replacement.
Device cable - Emfit QS
  • Abrasion resistant braided cable.
Device transmitter - Emfit QS
  • The transceiver component is placed far from your bed to avoid disturbing your sleep.
  • Own pro­cessor and memory for totally autono­mous operation - no phone needed!
  • Automatic measuring - deep data insight insight is available after you leave the bed in the morning.

Sleep is paramount to peak performance – both physical and mental

It is essential to get enough sleep, but sleep should also be structured properly and contain enough REM sleep for the recovery of the mind, and DEEP sleep for the recovery of the body. Emfit QS records total amount and structure of sleep, the percentages of recuperating REM and DEEP sleep.

It also records heart rate, respiration rate, and activity during the entire night. Overall, it enables you to find sleep affecting patterns and improve them. Results of training or lifestyle changes can be studied with the long term trends feature.

Important data
and features


Sleep Tracker with All Three Sleep Classes


Emfit QS sleep tracker can tell you how much light, deep, and REM sleep you get each night. Sleep is the time when your body gets ready for the day ahead, and when we talk about sleep quality, it’s REM and deep sleep that get all the attention.

Deep sleep is the time when your body recovers. When the cells repair themselves and your body gets ready for all the physical challenges of a new day.

REM sleep is when your mind recovers, making sure that all the important things you learned, saw, and experienced during the day are stored in a safe place.

What about light sleep? Well, that’s just a lighter stage of sleep that doesn’t do much for you – it’s just there.


Movement activity


Emfit QS sleep tracker can tell how restless your sleep is. One of our users, Sky Christopherson, World Record holder and founder of OAthlete, uses movement data as an indicator of how hard his athletes’ workouts are; the more restless the sleep, the harder the pre­vious workout has been for the athlete’s body and the lighter the next workout should be.


Heart and breathing rates


Emfit QS measures your heart rate and respiration rate and uses this data along with movement activity data to calculate the sleep classes.

It also measures resting heart rate, which tells about general health. For example, a couple days before getting actual flue symptoms, your resting heart rate will rise, letting you know you might want to prepare for some not-so-dashing days ahead. Resting heart rate can also be used for example as a mild indicator of stress or overtraining.


Autonomic Nervous System Balance


Knowing the balance of the autonomic nervous system is important, because it controls and regulates all the functions necessary to maintain life. Fight or flight? Rest or digest? This is known as the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and the balance can be affected by stress, for example.


Long term trends up 360 days


Long term trends help you recognize and notice sleep affecting lifestyle patterns, making it easier for you to alter your lifestyle into a healthier direction.


Visually compelling UI

Emfit QS user interface is visually compelling, the information is provided with simple graphics and vivid colors.


Wi-Fi or Cellular/Mobile Data Connetivity

Emfit QS has embedded Wi-Fi or cellular mobile data connectivity. The transceiver component is connected by a long, durable cable and is placed far from your bed to avoid disturbing your sleep. Emfit QS electronics include its own pro­cessor and memory for totally autono­mous operation - no need to worry about charging your phone battery during the night or having the right app for the operation! When you go to sleep Emfit QS automatically starts measur­ing and will be available for deep insight after you leave the bed in the morning


Super Sensitive Under Mattress Sensor

Just as a cool bonus and thanks to our own proprietary sensor technology, Em­fit QS is placed discreetly under the mattress so you won’t even notice it’s there. The sensor is comprised of self-biased electro-active material and does not generate any capacitive field that might disturb your sleep. Under-mattress placement also ensures Emfit QS will last for years to come without having to regularly replace it.

The Emfit QS device

Emfit QS uses either Wi-Fi or Cellular Mobile Data (3G). Available in black and white.


Emfit QS (physical product with web and phone application) is a general wellness product for healthy adults. Information obtained is intended for use in evaluating a healthy individual waking hours activities impact on his or her recovery and sleep quality. In the above mentioned purposes it is not a medical device and is not intended for the diagnosis or monitoring of any disease or to investigate a physiological process.