Ageing safely at own home

We all go to sleep at least once a day. During the night we should not be away from bed for too long. We all wake up in the morning for breakfast. Many of us also like to take an afternoon nap.
Emfit QS ensures the safety of seniors and helps maintain their independence by tracking these routines, enabling them to live on their own for a longer time.

Elder waking up
  • In the mornings we wake up and go to breakfast
Elder takes a nap or sleep
  • In the afternoons we like to take a nap.
Elder goes to sleep
  • We all go to sleep in a typical time window to us.
Elder at night
  • At nights we often go to toilet and we return to bed.
if elder falls
  • If typical bed routine doesn’t happen – a notification is sent to loved ones.

Emfit QS for senior living

There is absolutely nothing to wear or carry, and no need to turn equipment on and off  – Emfit QS is completely discrete and undetectable. A highly durable sensor is simply installed under mattress.

Emfit QS also tracks sleep quality and quantity, heart and breathing rates, and movement activity.  For example, changes in rest­ing heart rate or increased restlessness can predict a change in wellness.

How it works - Emfit QS
How it works - Emfit QS
The Device - Emfit QS

Emfit QS uses either Wi-Fi or Cellular Mobile Data (3G). Available in black and white.

Ipad software - Emfit QS

Intended use with optional bed occupancy monitoring:

Emfit QS (physical product with web and phone application) is a general wellness product for healthy adults living at home environments. Information obtained is intended for use (I) in evaluating a healthy individual waking hours activities impact on his or her recovery and sleep quality, (II) in monitoring that a healthy individual can routinely return to a bed and leave it. In the above mentioned purposes it is not a medical device and is not intended for the diagnosis or monitoring of any disease or to investigate a physiological process.