Emfit QS for professionals

Many challenges are faced in senior care today. One out of five falls can cause serious injury such as a fractured hip or head trauma, and it is often difficult to detect changes in the health of a resident.

Nighttime nursing staff often have too much of a workload which can contribute to stress, an endemic problem that can lead to health problems and a decrease in efficiency.

Emfit QS is the digital era remote and real-time bed occupancy monitoring solution.  Included contact-free health data tracking makes beds truly smart and im­proves senior care outcome.

How it works - Emfit QS
How it works - Emfit QS
The Device - Emfit QS

Emfit QS uses either Wi-Fi or Cellular Mobile Data (3G). Available in black and white.


For nighttime nursing staff:

  • Smart night round is more efficient and can decrease stress
  • Assistive night care can be performed when resident is awake
  • Control bed exits to prevent wandering of residents.

For geriatric physician and head nurse:

  • Long term tracking of heart and breathing rates and movement activity in sleep may help in detecting changes in health and wellness and may allow for early intervention.
  • Measuring outcomes and impacts of treatments like physiotherapy and outdoor  activity in general can be difficult, but their affect on sleep can generate insightful   new metrics.

Included Services

Real-time bed occupancy viewer for a group

  • residents on move and duration
  • residents in bed and duration
  • devices without data-connection

Resident’s daily summary and mini trends (up to 28 days)

  • Sleep time (time in bed and in sleep)
  • Activity (tossing & turning and bed exits)
  • Heart rate (resting heart rate, average and high)
  • Breathing rate (low, average and high)

Long term trends (up to 1 year)

  • All data collected is accessible in long term trend charts
  • Moving averages and trend lengths are widely adjustable

Optional Services

Push notifications app

  • immediately at bed exit
  • not returned to bed in preset delay
  • increased activity

API (real time & summary)

  • What – when:
    • At device detected events immediately (absence, presence, increased activity)
    • At device calculated data every 30 seconds (heart rate, breathing rate, movement activity)
    • System notifications from server and from service watchdogs according specifications
    • All at server computed data after sleep period has ended, for example sleep architecture in 30 sec epocs

Real-time data viewer

  • heart & breathing rate and movement  activity (for use with healthy individuals only)




Emfit QS API

We have API integrations as example with safety phone operators, health data integrators and IoT platforms. If you have interest of using Emfit QS as part of your own product or service, please contact us.

What is API? It stands for Application programming in­terface (API) and is roughly defined as the allowance and processes to give programs access to connect and essentially, communicate with other programs. It’s a software-to-software interface that allows for separate parties to talk to each other with­out any previous user knowledge or intervention. API runs the processes behind the scenes.

Intended use with optional bed occupancy monitoring in assisted living (Note: In EU area only):

Emfit QS (physical product with web and phone application) is a general wellness product for healthy adults living at assisted care environments. Information obtained is intended for use (I) in evaluating a healthy individual waking hours activities impact on his or her recovery and sleep quality, (II) in monitoring a healthy individual who, when not in bed, is in the risk of (a) falling, (b) interfering others, or (c) wandering. In the above mentioned purposes it is not a medical device and is not intended for the diagnosis or monitoring of any disease or to investigate a physiological process.