Sky Cristopherson

“Working with Olympic athletes, we use ‘Data not Drugs’ to boost every aspect of athlete health and performance. Since sleep is foundational to health and performance, it is a focal point of our program and we have used every sensor on the market.

Emfit is creating new capabilities in understanding sleep both with the goal of improving it, but also using it to better inform training decisions as we moved towards truly individualized training.

The ease of use and accuracy of Emfit is also unprecedented. As a result, Emfit is now an integral part of our ‘Data not Drugs’ program as we build a future that uses more data and less drugs, in sport, and hopefully in health.”  

Sky Christopherson
World Record Holder and Founder,


“I recently purchased the Emfit QS and I love it. It's changing how i look at my training and overtrainining. It's amazing to see how stressed my body is when I go out on a saturday night and see how high my HR gets -- makes me rethink about drinking!”



Paul Ambrose

Three-time Ironman® Champion, Paul Ambrose, relies on Emfit QS recovery, stress and sleep quality monitor to track changes in his HRV after each training day. Being able to analyze this important data helps him prepare for each race.

Paul Ambrose
3 x Ironman® champion


Jesse Kaislavuo

I have been using Emfit QS for about a month now and I have only positive feedback. I have stopped my morning HRV measurements with Polar, because Emfit QS is so incredibly accurate and all-night data is something other devices can't offer this well.

I want to praise your whole team especially for the web app user interface. It is uncluttered and studying and comparing the data is easy. The latest update corrected a minor problem, which was caused by me and my wive's different sleeping patterns. Now editing data can be done easily even at breakfast table and thus my data remains correct.

Jesse Kaislavuo
Elite cyclist
1st in Fellman Criterium race (2016)
1st in Rosendahl GP (2015)
1st in S.K. Memorial (2016)


"Emfit is in a league of its own.  It's freaking awesome. It's the first bit of research I look at every morning. I monitor everything I can. I take my blood pressure three times every morning, while in bed, take my temp, hrvelite hrv score, then up for withings weight, pulse, pulse wave velocity, fat %, bone mass, water % etc. but really nothing beats your fantastic sleep time stats!"


Bob Kryczko

"I've used an Emfit QS for three years now. I like how easy it is to use. Just go to bed - there's no fiddling with a smartphone to start recording. And the dashboard graphics are easy to read. I like having this objective insight into the state of my physiology. It helps improve my training and recovery decisions. It's also improved my sleep habits. I wish this had been available when I was a collegiate athlete!"

Bob Kryczko, Santa Barbara, CA

John Sielke

"I was skeptical, as I have tried NUMEROUS sleep monitors, Zeo, Beddit, Resmed S+, Sleeprate, etc. I just got the results from my first night with EmfitQS (took me a while to get it connected to my WiFi). I was FLOORED! I could not believe the detailed information it gave me. I will keep it up, and share with my doctor. Incidentally, I am 73, and have COPD and Apnea."

John Sielke, USA